Construction Lift Maxi-Climber

Mast Climbing Platform with highest Efficiency and full Flexibility

Highest Efficiency for Facade Operations

For operations on facades the Maxi-Climber MC 650 is first choice. Especially for angular building fronts the mast-climbing platform mady by Böcker is superior to conventional scaffolding thanks to its high variability. With platform lengths up to 35 m and payloads up to 6 tons the Maxi-Climber is suited for challenging projects.

Flexible Components offer full Flexibility

The most important strength of the Maxi-Climber is its outstanding adaptability. Individually adjustable platform lenghts and widths offer a custom-fit configuration even for angular building structures. The Maxi-Climber can even cope with convex or concave structures and inclined facades.

ModellMC 650 (single-mast assembly)MC 650 (dual-mast assembly)   
Width1.6 - 3.2 m1.6 - 3.2 m   
Length3 - 15 m3 - 15 m   
Payload max. (fixed)3.400 m / 2-3 persons6,000 m / 2-4 persons   
Lifting height max. (fixed)200 m200 m    
Lifting height self-supporting/ interior space20 / 23 m20 / 23 m   
Lifting height with iron-tie36 m36 m   
Anchor interval15 m 15 m   
Height mast unit1.51 / 1.21 m1.51 / 1.21 m   
Weight mast unit140 / 82 kg140 / 82 kg   
Engine capacity2 x 3.4 kW4 x 3.4 kW   
Voltage400 / 50 V/Hz400 / 50 V/Hz   
Fuse32 A2 x 32 A   

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  • Maximum lifting capacity of 6,000 kg
  • Lifting speed of 7 m/min
  • Lifting heights up to 200 m
  • Platform length up to 35 m
  • Variable platform length and enlargement up to 1.60 m
  • Adaptable to convex and concave building structures
  • Continously stepless drivable
  • Stable railing for especially high operational safety
  • Tie distance max. 15 m
  • With iron tie up to 36 m