Climate-friendly mobility with Böcker Bike

Get on the bike instead of the car - Böcker supports commuting in a healthy and environmentally friendly way.

Every employee can lease a bicycle or pedelec through our company and improve the CO2 balance every day. Of course, the Böcker bike is also available for private use.

No matter if the bike of choice is a city bike, touring bike, mountain bike, racing bike or cargo bike with children’s cab, the employee selects the favourite bike within a certain budget. For expert advice and ordering cooperating specialist dealers are at disposal. Böcker Bike leasing not only protects the environment, but also the employee's wallet. The monthly instalments for the use are automatically deducted from the gross salary. This saves taxes and social security contributions and is considerably cheaper than buying a bike on your own account. The insurance costs are covered by Böcker.

The campaign is well received! Already 85 colleagues have switched to bicycles and ride a Böcker Bike. Sufficient dry parking is provided by a centrally located shelter directly on the inner courtyard of the company premises, which can be used by all cyclists.

Those who use the Böcker bike for their commute and private tours keep fit and protect the environment at the same time.

Even the smallest ones ride comfortably in a Böcker Bike. (Credits to: chike GmbH & Co. KG)