Environmentally friendly renovation of sanitary facilities

The subject of saving resources is also of great importance in the company's sanitary facilities, where it offers enormous savings potential.

In the course of the toilet refurbishment in the production halls, automatic water taps replaced the old lever taps. By requesting water via motion detectors, the amount of water is thus reduced by around 70 %. The water only flows when needed, as soon as the hands are in the detection area. Accidental continuation of the flow is ruled out. The contactless initiation of the water flow without touching the faucet also promotes hygienic cleaning at the washbasin.

Furthermore, automatic paper roll dispensers have been installed in the newly renovated rooms, significantly reducing the consumption of paper towels. The touch-free paper request via a wide sensor surface enables optimum hygiene in addition to waste avoidance.

As another important step toward sustainability, central instantaneous water heaters are replacing the old under-sink heaters. Energy consumption for water heating is thus reduced by around 10 %.

Automatic paper roll dispensers significantly reduce the consumption of paper towels

Automatic taps replace the old lever taps