Consistent waste separation for optimal recycling

For the second year in a row, Böcker has improved its separate collection rate in accordance with the Commercial Waste Ordinance and achieved a very high waste separation rate of over 92 % for 2021.

Due to the clean separation of paper and cardboard, glass, plastics, metal, wood, textiles and biowaste, the recyclable materials can be recycled so that their valuable raw materials remain in the cycle and resources are conserved.

The high separation rate is the positive result of a large number of different actions. These include optimized plastic separation in production, the installation of additional yellow garbage cans, and color-coded collection points and recycling islands in the halls and office buildings. The purchase of economical paper towel dispensers and continuous employee sensitization also contribute to the success. Compared with the previous year, for example, an additional 12,480 l of packaging material was separated via the yellow garbage can and 2.7 t of plastic from residual waste.

The aim is to continue to improve the collection rate in the future. To this end, a new central recycling centre was built on the company premises in the spring of this year.

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