Environmentally friendly even with combustion engine

In case no power access for the electric motor is available on-site, the hybrid truck cranes can optionally be operated via the auxiliary drive of the truck engine.

The truck models used by Böcker are state-of-the-art and use the latest engine technology with exhaust gas cleaning and AdBlue injection.

In the field of trailer cranes and inclined lifts, the Honda combustion engines comply with the strictest exhaust gas regulations worldwide. The so-called OHV engines (OHV = OverHead Valve) have improved combustion efficiency thanks to the arrangement of the valves in the roof of the cylinder head. This special design ensures a uniform intake performance as well as faster, more complete combustion. Thus, the engines guarantee low fuel and oil consumption and operate at a low noise level.

The Honda combustion engines of the trailer cranes and inclined lifts comply with the world's strictest emission regulations