A clean choice - Cranes and lifts with low-emission drive technology

Böcker cranes and inclined lifts do not only increase the performance on the construction site, but also score in terms of sustainability.

Here, we support the reduction of CO2 emissions by means of environmentally friendly drives. Almost all mobile cranes are optionally available as hybrid cranes equipped with an additional electric drive. The powerful electric motor is installed as an addition to the PTO auxiliary drive of the truck and is operated via 400 V three-phase connection on the construction site. The electric drive works as powerfully as usual and offers an output of 30 kW or 13 kW depending on the model. Hence multiple crane functions can still be carried out at the same time, such as rotating and telescoping the mast during the lifting process. As the fuse protection can be set by means of a preselector switch (13 kW-16/32 A or 30 kW-32/63 A), the crane always uses the maximum current available on-site and achieves optimum performance values. Depending on the crane type, the eReady kit provides the option of preparing the crane for a later retrofit of the e-drive.

The clear advantages of electric crane or platform operation are particularly evident when working in inner cities. Low-emission and low-noise operation is a huge advantage in populous areas with high air pollution from fine dust and nitrogen dioxide. But the e-drive is also a must for operation in enclosed spaces.

In addition to the truck cranes, the AHK 30 KS trailer crane as well as the Böcker RK 36/2400 crawler crane are available as hybrid cranes. They also provide an additional 400 V electric motor and contribute to environment protection by simply switching to the electric drive with 13 kW or 15 kW. On request, the trailer cranes are also available fully electric with an electric motor instead of the classic petrol or diesel engine.

In the field of lift technology, the truck-mounted furniture lift Agilo as well as various trailer furniture lifts and inclined construction lifts are offered with an additional 2.6 kW 230 V electric motor. The Junior and Simply construction and furniture lifts are available fully electric. In the electric version, they have a 2.6 kW 230 V electric motor instead of the classic petrol engine.

Thanks to the switchable electric motor, the hybrid crane is both powerful and sustainable

The furniture and construction lifts with 2.6 kW electric motor provide a low-emission and low-noise operation