ALP-Personnel-Lifts - Safely up to the ceiling

When working at airy heights, the lifts are a reliable substitute for ladders or rolling scaffolds. They offer great advantages especially for indoor use in halls.

In sports halls with high ceilings, even the smallest maintenance or repair work poses a great challenge. Whether it is a broken spotlight, repairing the electrical scoreboard or replacing the basketball net – there are many reasons for reaching heights as safely as possible. Even if the working area can still be reached with a ladder, the shaky climb over several metres often means a serious accident hazard for the hall attendant.

Personnel lifts are a safe alternative for working at airy heights of up to 14 m. Böcker's ALP-Personnel-Lifts are particularly mobile, manoeuvrable and a reliable substitute for ladders or rolling scaffolds. The lifts are ideally suitable for carrying out works on a certain point of a wall or a ceiling. They are easy to move and set up ready for use thanks to their short assembly time. Depending on the model, the payload of the work basket of the lift is up to 140 kg, so in addition to one person spare parts and tools can be lifted up to the place of use. The most important feature for gyms is the ALP lifts’ low dead weight due to the lightweight aluminium construction. This means that the equipment can also be used on sensitive floors with a low load-bearing capacity. The rubberised wheels with ball-bearings and non-marking tyres as a further option enable quick position changes and protect the hall floor.

There is more than one way to the place of work

The ALP-Personnel-Lifts are easy to transport. If not on site a lift can quickly be transported to the hall in a trailer or van thanks to its compact design. Even vans with workshop equipment provide enough space. Depending on the size of the vehicle, both horizontal and vertical transport are possible. For horizontal loading, the lift is equipped with a loading device with height-adjustable rollers that facilitates tilting and laying the lift down (standard equipment).

Once on site, the lift is flexible and manoeuvrable thanks to its wheels mounted with ball bearings. Thanks to its low width and overall height, it can reach the place of use in the hall through any 80-cm-wide standard door. If it is to be used on upper floors its low weight also allows it to be transported in lifts. As standard, the ALP lifts are equipped with forklift pockets so that they can also be transported over longer distances using a forklift truck.

Ready for use in a few minutes

No matter whether repair, maintenance or cleaning works have to be carried out in a hall, the operator can reach the optimum working height in the basket of the ALP lift in no time as the personnel lift can be made ready for use as a working platform in just a few steps. The easy assembly is carried out completely without tools via plug-in connections. A levelling eye, the outrigger monitoring with signal lamps and the parking brakes on the wheels ensure a firm stand. The spindles on the lateral outriggers protect the floor thanks to their rubber coating. The low deadweight, which is just 293 kg for the PHC 650 model with attachments, makes possible a set-up even on sensitive floors, raised floors or sprung floors.

In addition to indoors the standard PH and PHC models can also be used outdoors, e.g. to replace lighting facilities, to service ventilation units or to carry out minor works on the facade.

Comfortable height access

During the working activities, the ALP-Personnel-Lift scores with its user-friendly operation and ensures maximum efficiency and high speeds. The height of the lift can be adjusted either on the ground via the key switch on the control box or directly in the personnel basket. Thanks to the pedal control in the basket (standard equipment), the operator can use both hands freely so that two-handed repairs or installations are possible at any time. The adjustment by pedal command also allows a continuous adaption of the lift height to the point of use without the operator having to put down materials or tools.

As a standard, the ALP lift is operated by a 230 V drive via a cable with a type F plug. For an even more flexible use, the lifts are optionally available with a long-life, maintenance-free lithium-ion battery. The battery-equipped lift works off-grid and is independent of an external power supply. For monitoring the battery charge level there is a digital display directly on the control box. Even when the battery charge level is low, the lift can be operated at full drive power and it can be used even during the charging process. With a mere 10 kgs the weight of the battery is neglectable. The handling of the battery-operated lift is really simple as the battery can always remain attached, even when the lift is loaded in a horizontally tilted position. Even during storage the battery does not lose charge voltage.

For even more versatility, Böcker offers a variety of accessories for the personnel lifts. In addition to the short standard outriggers for indoor use, there are optionally longer outriggers for outdoor use, which allow the use with a maximum wind force 6 according to Beaufort. Configurations including a socket in the basket for electric tool operation, crane eyes or tool boxes are available. Special steering wheels can be ordered for transverse transport of the lift parallelly to walls. They also allow the lift to be rotated by 360 degrees and permit a particularly narrow travel radius when cornering. Shortened outriggers in combination with ballast weights are available for working next to a wall. The short distance between the lift and the wall permits working on facades or cleaning windows at greater heights.

On the safe side

Böcker's ALP-Personnel-Lifts are as flexible and mobile as a ladder at the same time offering much higher safety standards. The work basket with its 360° railing allows the operator to move up and down with the utmost protection concentrating on his/her real work. The suspension point for a safety harness provides additional safety. In an emergency situation the basket can as well be lowered back to the ground via the manual control on the switch box or the mechanical emergency lowering function. If a power failure occurs the lift can still be operated thanks to the integrated emergency battery and an electrical emergency lowering can be carried out.

When working at heights, ALP lifts are undoubtedly a safe choice. Moreover, they offer quality Made in Germany and are manufactured using exclusively metric materials. As Böcker wants to offer its customers the greatest possible safety when making a decision to buy a lift the ALP lifts can be tested up to the customer’s full satisfaction during a free demonstration. All over Germany and directly on site.

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The low weight of the lift makes it possible to set it up on sensitive floors, raised floors or sprung floors.

Vans with workshop equipment provide enough space.

The ALP lift fits through any standard door.

Thanks to its compact dimensions the personnel lift can also be transported in an elevator.

The ALP lift fits through any standard door.

Ideal for selective work on walls, ceilings or in the hall interior

Operation via key switch and outrigger monitoring on the control box

Standard pedal control for the height adjustment of the basket

Ideal for repairs and maintenance works in gymnasiums: ALP-Personnel-Lifts offer working heights of up to 14 m