New Böcker AK 46/6000 for DSM Contract Lifting

UK rental company DSM Contract Lifting has taken delivery of a new AK 46/6000 aluminium truck crane.

This is the third Böcker crane purchased by DSM, supplementary to an older AK 44/4000, plus a new 4-axle AK 52 with a maximum payload of 12 t delivered by the end of 2020.

The AK 46/6000 features an extension length of 44 m and a 2 m extension for a maximum length of 46 m. It can handle its maximum 6,000 kg payload at a radius of 8 m, 1,000 kg at 26 m or 250 kg at 39 m. Features include a fully hydraulically extendible jib, wireless color remote control with automatic levelling, and fully variable positioning of every individual outrigger. Mounted on a 26 t carrier the rear-axle steering makes the crane extremely maneuverable and furnishes it with excellent driving characteristics.

Managing Director Melvyn Rogers from DSM said “The new AK 46/6000 went straight to work on a very tight job in London, utilising the variable outriggers to place an air conditioning unit at 30 m radius highlighting the impressive capabilities of this machine. The small slewing radius makes it possible to erect the crane in the smallest of all spaces and with flowing traffic. By using this machine in this location saved the necessity of using a much larger crane and fully closing the stores car park.” Rogers is very pleased with his choice of Böcker machines: “Adding the AK 46/6000 and AK 52 strengthens DSMs position within the bespoke contract lifting and machinery movement market. The Böcker products we buy perfectly complement our fleet in order to continue to offer our customers innovative lifting solutions.”

Due to the solid construction and its first-class workmanship this crane proves its maximum reliability even during the hardest projects on challenging construction sites. Therefor the AK 46/6000 becomes a dependable assistant who will be at your side providing an outstanding performance and efficiency at any time. Beside maximum convenience and security, the aluminium crane additionally provides surpassing efficiency as an optional utilization of the maximum working range for each project.


More information about the AK 46/6000 can be found here.


With a payload of up to 6 t, the truck crane AK 46/6000 provides customers with a strong combination of performance, enormous working ranges, and surpassing efficiency

Thanks to its compact design and small slewing radius, the crane is also very flexible in tight spaces

Fully variable positioning of every individual outrigger even on challenging construction sites