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ALP-Lasten-Lift simplifies the installation of air conditioning systems and appliances

With the ALP-Material-Lift LMJ 390, FRIDGIT GmbH's refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump technology is able to reach high up. Since the end of April, the new colleague has been supporting the team from Wiesbaden in the installation of air conditioning units and ventilation systems. The refrigeration engineers decided to invest in the lift following a consultation and demonstration at the ISH trade fair. "For us, using the lift makes our work much easier. It is easy to operate and, with its own weight of 55 kg, it is maneuverable and easy to transport. We now have the perfect companion for our air conditioning applications," says Managing Director Michèle Boncori, explaining her decision.

Compact, maneuverable and can be used anywhere

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the ALP-Material-Lift model LMJ 390 can be used practically anywhere. With a transport height of just 1.65 m and a width of only 0.69 m, it fits through any door and is easy to maneuver even in narrow stairwells or corridors. It can be transported to the job site lying flat in a high-roof van. Its integrated loading roller makes it easy to load and unload into the trunk. Thanks to its very low tare weight, the lift can be loaded by just one person and then easily driven to the place of use, even up and down stairs. Large transport wheels make it easy to transport the load lifter when tilted.

Once positioned on site, the LMJ 390 can be set up in no time and is quickly ready for use. Thanks to its compact outriggers, the ALP-Lift requires a wall clearance of just 15 cm, making it ideal for installing air conditioning units, ventilation systems or heat pumps. Despite its small size, it offers considerable power and moves loads of up to 120 kg to their installation location, both indoors and outdoors.

Systems placed with pinpoint accuracy

The mechatronics engineers for refrigeration technology at FRIDGIT are convinced after the first few months: "The new lift complements our work on the construction site perfectly and lifts heavy devices precisely into position on ceilings or walls, so that we can install them and without any effort on our part.The lift's lifting heights of up to 3.90 m are ideal for our applications. We would definitely recommend the lift for the air conditioning industry."

An overview of all ALP load lifts can be found here.


The material lift in use for an installation on the ceiling.