Inclined Lift Junior handles windows without any effort

Equipped with a window platform that can be locked in tilting position the inclined lift conveys 86 kg heavy window elements to their installation point.

On a large building site in Bielefeld, six buildings are being constructed, each with 126 windows. For the efficient transportation of the windows for the new building, Egon Gude GmbH in Bissendorf is using theBöcker Junior HD 24/0-7 Inclined Lift. The window elements, which come in three parts, measure 1.85 x 2.19 m and weigh up to 86 kg per window due to their special sound insulation and accident-proof glazing. The Junior construction hoist is used with a window platform, which is attached directly to the slide of the inclined lift without any tools and equipped with a receptacle for small parts or lashing material. There are nine adjustable lashing eyes to secure the windows. The roller strips and the foam-covered rollers, as well as the two locking options on the carriage which make the window platform protrude into the building during tilting, ensure loading and unloading the window platform easily and without any strain on the back. The window platform can be used to transport not only windows and panes but also solar panels, corrugated panels, plasterboard, wood panels and a lot more.


Minimum space requirements with optimum performance data

The compact Böcker Junior Inclined Lift was especially developed for the use on narrow construction sites. Especially in big cities, space is very limited on many construction sites and also during reconstruction  works in old towns, traditional inclined lifts are too big for narrow alleys. Under these circumstances, the Böcker Junior Inclined Lift shows its strengths particularly well. Due to its small dimensions and compact footprint, the lift is always the right choice when things get extremely narrow. Due to its very low dead weight, the lift can be pulled by all common passenger cars.

Despite its compact design, the Junior still offers high performance. Carriage speeds of up to 48 m/min and a maximum payload of 250 kg as well as a lifting height of up to 23.7 m ensure efficient work processes. The axle of the Junior is retractable so that the lift with a manoeuvring width of less than one metre also fits through a standard door. If things get really tight, the drawbar can as well be retracted. It is not for nothing that the Böcker Junior series is one of the best-selling devices of this performance class worldwide.


More information about Böcker inclined lift can be found here


On a large construction site, the Junior construction lift transports almost 800 windows to their position.

With its compact dimensions, the inclined lift requires only a minimal footprint and can also be used on narrow construction sites.

Back-friendly loading of the window platform thanks to the low loading height with the infinitely adjustable lower extension.

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