Laying tiles not lugging them

Inclined lifts transport tiles to the right floor, saving valuable time and energy

When working with tiles, natural or concrete blocks transporting the material is a time-consuming and energy-sapping affair. Especially in multi-storey buildings, the walk through the staircase costs a lot of time and enormous effort even in the run-up to the actual tiling. Nolte Fliesen und Naturstein GmbH therefore takes a different approach. The company from Bielefeld specialises in laying tiles in new buildings, renovations or modernisations and has been using a Simply HD 21/0-5 inclined lift since September 2020 to transport the building materials. Because in addition to the professional execution of the tiling work, an efficient and preferably back-friendly working method of the employees has top priority.

Up to the 6th floor

The Böcker inclined lift plays an important role for the master craftman’s company in every renovation and construction project throughout Germany. It transports the tiles in apartment buildings, student residences, logistics halls, penthouses, and many other buildings to heights of up to 20.8 m or up to the 6th floor. This way the workers have more time for the actual tiling process. With a possible payload of up to 250 kg, the lift transports not only standard tiles but also large-format tiles with dimensions of up to 120 x 240 cm. With a weight of about 25 kg per package, a correspondingly large number of packages can be lifted to the floor where they are needed simultaneously with just one ride. The material transport from the outside to the corresponding floor saves the craftsmen several strenuous walks through the staircase. With lifting speeds of up to 28 m/min, tilers can save an enormous amount of time per construction site.

And it is not only tiles that reach the upper floors at Nolte, but also tile adhesives, sealants, screed mortar, tools and all the necessary accessories can be lifted on the platform of the lift. In addition, the lift helps to quickly remove residual materials and debris from construction sites. From time to time, the Simply even transports materials from other trades, such as shower trays, radiators, or solar elements to their installation place.

Easy handling and simple control

Nolte sees a decisive advantage of the Simply in the easy handling of the inclined lift. Thanks to its simple installation and hydraulically erectable and extendable rails, it is ready for use within a very short set-up time. The all-round adjustable turntable lock also enables an optimal working radius of 360 degrees. On the lowest rail, the lift has an extendable extension allowing the heavy tile packages to be placed on the platform at a comfortable loading height. Furthermore, the easy operation of the lift, which requires only a short instruction, enthuses the tilers from East Westphalia. The simple control technology means high reliability and safety for the operating personnel.

Compact tile lift with small footprint

Furthermore, the material hoist is characterised by its robust construction and extremely small footprint of only 4.6 sqm or 2,000 x 2,300 mm. Thanks to its compactness and a low clearance width and height, it is easy to manoeuvre and reaches almost any place of use. With a dead weight of only 750 kg, the lift can be transported with almost any vehicle and class B driver's licence. This makes it a really versatile all-rounder for a wide variety of trades.

The Simply is available with a powerful Honda petrol engine or alternatively with a 2.6 kW electric motor.  In addition to the flat platform with folding side walls, which is ideal for transporting large-format tile packages, the Inclined lifts can also be equipped with various other load handling devices. Apart from universal platforms with all-round protective grating, a tiltable platform with roller bars for transporting windows, a solar module platform and a 170 litre tilting bucket for debris are available.

Enormous workload reduction and time advantage on-site

For Nolte Fliesen Managing Director Moritz Kruse and his employees, the use of the Böcker inclined lift has already paid off in the first months: "The material transport with the Simply means an enormous workload reduction for us, provides us with a huge time advantage on the construction site and increases the productivity on site enormously. Instead of time-consuming tile dragging, we can do the work that actually earns us our money. The lift has already paid off on the first day! But the most important thing is that it helps us to save the health, bones, muscles, and joints of our employees. A real win-win situation for the business and our craftsmen. We'll leave the drudging and dragging to our new employee of the month from now on."

More Information about Böcker Inclined Construction Lifs

The drawbar with support wheel is mounted on the rail package to save space and can be easily folded in during assembly.

Even large tile formats can be carried on the large, flat platform with folding side walls.

Thanks to the extendable lower extension, the tile packs can be loaded in a back-friendly way.

The Simply construction Inclined lift carries tiles to the right floor from the outside, saving time and energy