Second Böcker truck crane for Eastern Crane Hire

UK rental company Eastern Crane Hire Ltd has taken delivery of its second Böcker crane, a new AK 46/6000, with the third crane due for delivery later this year, a 4-axle AK 52.

The AK 46/6000 truck crane features an extension length of 44 m and a two-metre extension for a maximum length of 46 m. It can handle a maximum 6,000 kg payloadat a radius of 8 m, 1,000 kg at 26 m or 250 kg at 39 m. Features include a fully hydraulically extendible jib, wireless color remote control, and automatic levelling. As with all Böcker truck cranes, the positioning of every individual outrigger is fully variable. Mounted on a 26 t carrier the steered trailing axle makes the crane extremely manoeuvrable and furnishes it with excellent driving characteristics.

Chris Ashworth, Director of Eastern Crane Hire, said: “We proudly took delivery of our first Böcker AK 46/6000 in September 2021, it soon became apparent that another was required to keep up with demand. The truck crane has strengthened our fleet massively and we are thrilled to have another of its kind. Its ability to work in tight spaces, enclosed roof coverings and most importantly more economical is a huge benefit. It is the perfect addition to our growing fleet of modern mobile cranes. This crane has a special dedication to our two children, the future of Eastern Crane Hire.”

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The new AK 46/6000 truck crane adds to Eastern Crane Hire's fleet.