New Böcker AK 52 Truck Crane for DSM Contract Lifting

UK rental company DSM Contract Lifting based in Essex has taken delivery of a new AK 52 truck crane.

This is the fifth Böcker crane purchased by DSM Contract Lifting, and follows two new AK 46/6000 acquired last summer.

The AK 52 features an extension length of 52 m and an optional three metre extension for a maximum length of 55 m. The probably most powerful crane in aluminium-steel design can handle a payload up to 12 tons and can lift 3 tons at 31 m height and with a reach of 17 m. Features include a fully hydraulically extendible jib, wireless colour remote control with automatic levelling, and variable positioning of every individual outrigger. The new arrival for DSM is mounted on a 4-axle 32 t carrier vehicle with rear steering for maximum manoeuvrability on site. The crane was supplied in DSM’s custom livery.

DSM Managing Director Melvyn Rogers stated: “The AK 52 truck crane is an excellent addition to our fleet. Böcker’s customer service is second to none. Our customers and operators love the safe and efficient machines which perform reliably every day. It’s a win win for us at DSM, there will be plenty more of these cranes coming to us over our next investment phase.”


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The new AK 52 is the fifth Böcker crane in the DSM fleet. (Picture: courtesy of DSM Contract Lifting)