Fully electric on road trip

Driving through Germany with the new AK 48e

At the end of October, the fully electric Böcker truck crane AK 48e celebrated a spectacular premiere at Bauma in Munich. As the first electric crane, it showed that emission-free crane technology is already reality. It was not only an attraction at the trade fair, but also on the route between Werne and Munich. Quiet and completely powered by electricity, it travelled 722 km through Germany.

Böcker employee Jörg Mehllage had the honor to accompany the first road trip of the AK 48e, mounted on a Mercedes eActros, as a crane driver. He conveniently found truck-suitable charging options along the route via an e-mobility app. During the charging stops, the electric crane attracted numerous curious glances and posed for a photo or two. Many truck drivers saw an electric vehicle of this weight class for the first time. Even the Bundesamt für Güterverkehr stopped to admire the new electric crane. They didn't have much time for that, though, because after about an hour the battery was fully charged. The AK 48e left the station as quietly as it had arrived. And left behind neither exhaust fumes nor traffic noise, only great amazement at the almost silent driving. With a 100-percent charge, it returned to the highway. The range of around 300 km offered plenty of flexibility in selecting the next charging location.

For Jörg Mehllage, the maiden voyage with the AK 48e left lasting impressions: "It was fascinating to move almost silently over the road with a truck crane. With its great endurance and strong battery capacity, I was able to make decent distance. Among other road users, the electric crane aroused curiosity and enthusiasm in many places."

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