Junior 24e – First trailer-based inclined lift with battery drive and 230 V charging technology

Sustainable work becomes easier than ever with this market innovation: The Junior 24e battery-operated electric lift will in future get charged at any Schuko socket and, thanks to the powerful battery, will also work in places without any power connection.

With its electric engine and state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery technology, the Junior 24e inclined lift transports loads of up to 250 kg not only at a very low noise and emission level, but also in an extremely environmentally friendly manner to heights of up to 24 meters. Without an external power supply, the battery-powered inclined lift reliably transports any materials at a high speed with at least 25 upwards and downwards cycles including set-up and folding of the machine upon operation. To minimize energy consumption, the automatic stop-and-go system additionally limits power consumption.

The new Junior 24e uses state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery technology in combination with an 8 kW electric motor. After just one hour, the accumulator is 80 % charged via the flexible connection on the chassis or head piece and the lift can be used again even without a power connection. Thanks to the innovative parallel operation, the battery can also be charged during operation allowing the operation of the lift to be continued during the charging process. A display on the lift provides information on the battery charge level and the operating status of the device at any time.

In addition to the green drive technology, the Junior 24e scores with its newly developed chassis for a space-saving, quick set-up within a few minutes. Thanks to its compact and well thought-out design, the inclined lift can be set up in the tightest of spaces and can be towed by a standard car thanks to its low dead weight. The drawbar can be swivelled and shortens the length of the lift. The four crank drop outriggers are permanently mounted and can be swivelled into the correct position, extended, and lowered within a very short time. Only the fine adjustment of the outriggers is effected using the manual crank. During transport, all outriggers remain on the machine. The large tool box allows stowing the cable drum, shims, and other accessories conveniently directly at the lift.

Maximum convenience during set-up and operation is provided as standard by the radio remote control, which can be used both to raise and lower the rail package and to move the platform. The electric operation with smooth comfort control ensures safe and gentle transport of the loaded materials. Shortly before the platform reaches the ground or the upper end of the rails, the lift brakes automatically and the operation switches to active mode.

Detailed presentation of novelties

Böcker is going to organize the first presentation of the Junior 24e and an overview of the entire range of the Böcker height access technology at the 360° Height Days on April 1 and 2 at the company headquarters in Werne. The inclined lift will also be on display at Vertikal Days in May, the DACH+HOLZ International in July, and bauma in October.


Display on the elevator with battery level indicator

Variable charging optionally at the head piece or chassis

Permanently mounted crankcase supports that remain on the lift during transport

With at least 25 ascents and descents, the battery lift transports loads completely without power.