Cranetastic unveiling for Fritz Bedachungen

Dach PRO celebrates new acquisition

At the end of June, a very special unveiling was waiting for Fritz Bedachungen at the Böcker factory premises. Well hidden, a strong new acquisition of the Dach PRO team was ready for pickup in Werne.

After the welcome by Andreas Weige from the Böcker sales department, things got exciting: With the powerful support of an AK 37/4000 truck-mounted crane, the cover came off and a brand-new AHK 30 KS in shiny deep black appeared. The trailer crane is the first Böcker crane for the roofers located in Troisdorf, who as Dach PRO publish insights into their daily work in social networks. Before deciding for the AHK 30 KS, owner Selim Fritz and his employees already tested the advantages of the Böcker crane technology during various rental jobs and tried out the equipment extensively under construction site conditions.

With extension lengths of up to 30 m and payloads of up to 1,500 kg, the new crane will make all jobs around roofs and facades much more comfortable and effective for the master craftsman’s workshop in the future. Andreas Weige explains: "Even fully extended, the AHK 30 KS still lifts a weight of 250 kg. The control technology and the stable mast system enable an extremely precise telescoping in and out, even with heavy loads. This enables powerful lifting and precise positioning of bricks, façade elements, insulating materials or other building materials. Likewise, the crane facilitates the sensitive placement of windows - thanks to a long reach of up to 25 m even on the rear side of the roof."

The standard equipment of the trailer crane includes, among other things, a manoeuvring drive for easy placement of the crane on the construction site. Also included as standard is the fully variable outrigger control, which allows the trailer crane to be set up flexibly even on confined construction sites. The individual foldable swivelling outriggers can be set up independently of each other at different angles and can also be swivelled over obstacles. During the set-up process, the possible reach depending on the outrigger positions can already be read off in the display of the radio remote control. Thanks to the large outrigger stroke, the crane offers a high ground clearance, so that it is possible to compensate for unevennesses of up to 50 cm without a substructure. The continuous auto-levelling of the outriggers supports the quick set-up of the trailer crane and guarantees optimum stability. Another advantage of the AHK 30 KS is its swivel drawbar, which significantly reduces the overall length of the crane when swivelled in.  

During crane operation, the state-of-the-art crane control with selectable rotation and erection angle restriction ensures maximum safety and precise working. It automatically releases the working area depending on the outrigger positions and the suspended load. All crane functions are operated comfortably and intuitively via radio remote control so that the crane operator always has a clear view of the current operating situation on the colour display. For work at dusk or in the dark, the trailer crane is equipped with an additional LED ambient lighting. The powerful drive is provided by a 15.5 kW Honda petrol engine with sound insulation. A special feature of the newcomer is the digital connection to the online portal BöckerConnect. Here, all operation, location and diagnostic data of the crane can be retrieved in real time. Location tracking allows to trace the travel route and to define a radius of action for theft protection.

For the construction influencers Dach PRO the AHK 30 KS comes along with a comprehensive accessory package. It includes an aluminium multi-tile tong for transporting roof tiles weighing up to 360 kg, roof tile distributors for temporary storage on the roof, a tipper basket for transporting bulk goods and a KS 200 work basket for suspended mounting on the crane hook.


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Official handover of the crane to owner Selim Fritz and Christian by Dach PRO.

Thanks to the auto-levelling of the outriggers, the trailer crane is set up in no time.

The Dach PRO team receives a detailed briefing from Andreas Weige.

Intuitive operation of crane functions via radio remote control with colour display

Foldable swivelling outriggers for ground clearance of up to 50 cm.

Boom, chassis, and crane superstructure are impressively painted in deep black.

The AHK 30 KS carries loads of up to 1,500 kg on the hook.

The AK 37/4000 provided a powerful support for the unveiling.

As soon as the cloth is lifted the new trailer crane AHK 30 KS with its foldable swivelling outriggers is revealed.