Another truck crane for Birmingham Crane Hire

UK rental company Birmingham Crane Hire Company Ltd. has taken delivery of a new AK 46 Böcker truck crane.

It features an extension length of 44 m and a two-metre extension for a maximum length of 46 m. It can handle a maximum 6,000 kg payloadat a radius of 8 m, 1,000 kg at 26 m or 250 kg at 39 m. Features include a fully hydraulically extendible jib, wireless color remote control, and automatic levelling. As with all Böcker truck-mounted cranes, the AK 46 offers flexible positioning of every individual outrigger. Mounted on a 26-t carrier the steered trailing axle makes the crane extremely manoeuvrable and furnishes it with excellent driving characteristics.

Mark Weatherson of Birmingham Crane Hire said: “Since purchasing our first 44/4000 in 2013 Böcker cranes have formed an important part of our fleet, serving our customers well with their versatility and light weight design. I have every confidence that this new AK 46 will be kept busy facilitating our clients’ requirements for years to come.”

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Handover of the new mobile crane to the crane rental company