Böcker AHK 36 lifts frame for church windows

Trailer crane AHK 36 helps with the installation of stained glass windows at St. Anne's Church in Connecticut

The US-American crane dealer Innovativ Hoisting LLC is using the trailer crane AHK 36 to help install one of the largest replacement stained glass windows known in the United States at St. Anne’s Church in Waterbury, CT. The window frame consists of three sections, each weighing up to 1,500 lbs/680 kg. Using the Böcker AHK 36 trailer crane, the window frame was hoisted into place safely using the wireless remote control to ensure no blind spots for the crane operator. When the crane was finished, a Böcker Junior inclined lift was extended 49 ft/15 m up to hoist other parts of the frame and the stained glass for installation.

In the field of trailer cranes, the hybrid trailer crane AHK 36 outperforms all comparable cranes by combining aluminum and high-strength steel and sets the standard in its class. Designed for payloads up to a maximum of 5,290 lbs/2,400 kg, it achieves an extension length of 118 ft/36 m. The basis for this outstanding performance data is the innovative Böcker mast technology with a combination of proven aluminum components and a new high-strength steel. The integrated hydraulic cylinder guarantees - as in all Böcker cranes - a smooth telescoping of the mast under highest loads. With a load of 551 ft/250 kg, the trailer crane still has a reach of 75 ft/23 m. Optionally, a rotating access platform is available for the AHK 36. Thanks to the Easy-Lock-System, the crane can be converted into a working platform within a few minutes without any tools.

The AHK 36 is equipped with an intelligent control system which, in combination with the modern radio control with full graphic display, allows easy operation and guarantees highest safety during all work processes. The control technology includes, among other things, an automatic superstructure control with auto-leveling function of the outriggers, the rotation and set-up angle limitation of the mast package during operation and the "go-home" function for easy and quick dismantling of the crane. Thanks to optional camera technology with a camera permanently mounted on the mast, the operator can now also check non-visible working areas on the display of the radio control system.

Optionally, the AHK 36 can be equipped with the smart customer portal BöckerConnect. It informs crane owners online and in real-time about their fleet and provides all relevant data of the networked cranes at a glance. After a personal login, the user gets an overview of the current status and location of his cranes and receives a configurable theft notification via e-mail as soon as they leave a previously defined action radius.

More information about Böcker trailer cranes can be found here.


The ultra-modern Böcker mast technology provides the basis for the surpassing performance data. This Böcker technology combines timeless aluminum components with a new high-strength steel which is lightweight and strong at the same time. Therefore, the AHK 36 clearly outperforms all other comparable cranes.

The Multiflex outriggers can be set up in 256 different positions using auto-levelling and therefore guarantee maximum utilization of the available space on site. Thanks to its compact design and small slewing radius, the AHK 36 is also very flexible in tight spaces.

Thanks to its' sophisticated boom this crane reaches heights up to 118 ft/36 m without any problems and lifts loads up to 5,290 lbs/2,400 kg

A great team: The Böcker trailer crane AHK 36 and the Junior inclined lift complement each other perfectly and transport all required materials safely to the top.