Quick move-in with 230 V electric lift

How does a furniture delivery of around four tonnes reach its final place on the second floor in the shortest possible time? Back-friendly, without local emissions and low-noise?

After completion of the new crane assembly hall on the Böcker factory premises in Werne, the offices as well as a spacious break room and a conference room had to be furnished. The electric furniture lift Junior 24e brought the complete delivery from the outside into the new premises without any strenuous dragging through the staircase. The electric motor was powered directly from the lift's battery, regardless of location.

36 ascents and descents with 35 % battery power

For the new furnishings, the office furniture supplier Moss Bürotechnik GmbH & Co. KG from Unna a volume of 23.3 m³ of furniture with a total weight of 4.29 t. They furnished a total of 23 workstations and 32 places in the team rooms. In addition to chairs and mobile containers, the 1.80 x 1.60 m corner desks with an individual weight of 84 kg were a particular challenge. The already completely assembled sliding-door cabinets and hinged-door cabinets also weighed up to 62 kg.

The support of the Böcker Junior 24e furniture lift for a quick moving-in of the furniture was just right. The electric lift with rechargeable battery charges at any Schuko socket and also works in places without power supply. Equipped with an 8 kW electric motor in combination with the latest lithium-ion battery technology, the inclined lift transports loads weighing up to 250 kg not only low noise and without emissions, but also in an environmentally friendly manner and at high speed to heights of up to 24 m.

Set up at an upright angle of 73° with an extension length of 7.60 m, the Junior comfortably reached the second floor of the office building. The facade protection plank at the head end protected the freshly plastered outer skin of the building. With full energy storage and without external power supply, the lift started the transport. Thanks to its high carriage speed of up to 48 m/min, all pieces of furniture on the large, flatbed reached the rooms in a record time of only one and a half hours. The total of 36 ascents and 36 descents consumed a battery power of just 35 %. Even the assembly and disassembly of the lift was powered by the battery. Thanks to the strong battery capacity and the power-saving operation, the lift finished its work with a remarkable charge level of 65 %.

Rapid reloading during operation

If the battery level requires refuelling during long operations, the lift can charge conveniently at any 230 V Schuko socket. The connection options for the power supply are flexibly located either on the chassis of the trailer or on the head piece of the rails, so that the power can also be taken from the upper floor. When not in use, even after complete discharge, the storage tank is already 80 % full again after one hour and the lift can be used again without a power connection. Thanks to the innovative parallel operation, the battery also charges during operation, so that the lift can be used continuously during the charging process. A display on the lift provides information about the filling level and the operating status of the unit at all times.

Quick assembly with crank drop supports

In addition to the green drive technology and a free choice of site, the Junior 24e scores with its newly developed chassis for quick assembly within a few minutes. With its compact design, the inclined lift finds a set-up site in the tightest of spaces and can be towed by all standard cars thanks to its low dead weight. The drawbar can be swivelled and shortens the length of the lift. The four crank drop supports are permanently mounted and can be swivelled into the correct position, extended and lowered within a very short time. During transport, all supports remain on the unit. The two large tool boxes on the chassis offer plenty of storage space for cable drum, shims and other accessories.

The radio remote control, which can be used to raise and lower the rail package and to move the load, is a standard feature that provides great convenience during assembly and operation. The electric operation with smooth comfort control ensures safe, gentle transport of the load. Alternatively, the upward and downward travel can also be carried out directly from the floor at the head end of the lift.

Compelling performance

The speedy furniture transport into the offices via the electric lift also enthuses Stefan Moss, management of Moss Bürotechnik GmbH & Co. KG: "Thanks to the Junior 24e, bringing in the furniture worked perfectly. All packages and components of the delivery could be transferred directly from the loading area of the truck to the spacious platform of the lift. Even the fully assembled cabinets were on the second floor in no time. It is impressive how the furniture of 23 workplaces and two common rooms gets into the building within such a short time and with the least effort."

More information about Böcker furniture lifts are available here.

Take a close look at the Junior 24e electric lift live from 27 - 28 September 2023 at the moelo in Essen: Hall 1A, B18.


Thanks to the fixed crank drop supports, the furniture lift is ready for use in no time.

A cargo of up to 250 kg could be brought to the second floor on the large furniture platform with one ascent.

The operation and the power connection are optionally also carried out at the head piece from the floor.

The battery of the electric lift, which was initially 100 % full, had a remaining capacity of 65 % after the 4 t furniture transport.

As fast as never before: In only one and a half hours all pieces of furniture got into the interior.