Flat roof renovations with the AK 37/4000

Since 2019 HaGo Dachtechnik from Nottuln has been working on the renovation of the flat roof of an office complex in Düsseldorf. With a roof edge height of approx. 20 m, a building length of 162 m and a building depth of 14 to 16 m, a total roof area of around 2361 m² is being completely renovated. With an average of four to five employees, the old roof gravel is vacuumed off and the old waterproofing and insulation is torn down, the concrete substrate is prepared accordingly, before a full-surface, two-layer and underflow-proof bonding of the waterproofing membranes with polymer hot bitumen is carried out. Then the insulation is carried out according to EnEV, 180 mm XPS followed by preparation for the final green roof.

The Böcker Truck Crane AK 37/4000 with payloads of up to 4 tons and a permissible total weight of 7.49 tons is used for this purpose. Due to the high building height in connection with the building width, the full extension length of the truck crane of 37 m is achieved without any problems. The crane also shines with its small footprint, which makes it enormously easy to erect around the building where space is limited and access remains passable. The four stable, hydraulic supports are variably individually controllable, so that the crane can be easily adapted to the space conditions on site. In addition, the rapid erection and dismantling ensures that the crane can be used efficiently over the entire length of the building.

One of the biggest simplifications for HaGo Dachtechnik is the camera at the top of the mast. Since the roof area cannot be seen from below due to local and structural conditions, one of three employees can be assigned elsewhere during material transport thanks to the camera's image transmission. The radio repeater at the top of the mast ensures uninterrupted radio reception, which guarantees a smooth workflow.

In addition, high payloads such as storage containers with a dead weight of over 1 t, complete pallets of waterproofing membranes weighing 800 to 900 kg, large-volume pallets of insulating material and pallet-loads of polymer bitumen can be transported without any problems even when fully extended. Thanks to its long reach of up to 28 m with a load of 250 kg, the crane effortlessly transports all loads to the entire roof surface. The Böcker tipper basket also removes all demolition material. The modern and extremely safe PLC control enables the AK 37/4000 to transport enormous loads to their destination precisely, with low vibrations and safely. The AK 37/4000 continuously monitors the position of each individual support and automatically releases the maximum working range depending on the current load.

All in all, the truck crane shines with its excellent reach as well as its flexible application possibilities, by which it is able to cope with all tasks in everyday construction site life and is the optimal helper for construction sites of this kind.

More about the AK 37/4000 can be found here.