Böcker sets new benchmarks in crane technology

Our new crane models underline our role as lead-innovator in crane technology: With over 25 years of experience in developing high performance crane technology we proudly present yet another four innovations in our product range of truck and trailer cranes.

The AK 37/4000 mounted on an MAN or Mercedes truck chassis is the new number one of the compact truck cranes in the truck category of up to 7.49 tones. The 7.49 tonne carrier is most popular for the domestic market in Germany as many cranes are rented directly by end users who can drive this light weight carrier on a C1 car licence after receiving factory training in operation. This crane will be offered in the other European countries on the larger 8.6 tonne and 8.8 tonne carriers from Mercedes Benz and MAN The AK 37/4000 disposes of a maximum telescopic length of 37 meters and it convinces through its performance enabling the crane to transport payloads of up to 4.000 kilograms. Furthermore, the new hybrid mast profile ensures a working range of 27 meters with a load of 250 kg. Due to these basic data the powerful newcomer is well prepared for any challenge on a construction site. For the remote control, Böcker counts on a modern PLC system which also includes Auto-leveling of the supports during setting-up of the crane, Slew restriction , Boom angle restriction and Automatic boom retraction. In addition to this, the control assures an uncomplicated and safe transport of even high loads to their destination. The smart control system automatically releases the working range, which is calculated depending on the outrigger position and the load. For this reason during any operations safety at the highest level is combined with an optimal working range. All functions are controlled via a new HBC remote control with fully colored display which allows integrating the images of up to four radio cameras ensuring an optimal view of the construction site.

With the new AK 46/6000 Böcker presents the most powerful aluminium truck crane in the world. Its powerful auxiliary drive ensures doing a precise job under payloads of up to 6,000 kilogram without any problem. With these features, the new model clearly exceeds the working range and the maximum payload of its forerunners and proves its performance above all under extreme conditions and heights of up to 46 meters. A hydraulically extendible jib, which is available as an option, ensures even more flexibility. What is impressive is the enormous working area covered by the new truck crane 46/6000: This model reaches a range of 39.3 meters under a load of 250 kilograms; under a load of 1,000 kilograms the range is still up to 26 meters. 

The new hybrid model AHK 36/2400 is the new leader among trailer cranes. It is constructed for payloads of up to 2,400 kilograms and reaches an extension length of 36 meters, the integrated hydraulic cylinder guaranteeing a smooth telescoping of the mast – even under extreme loads.  With a load of 250 kg the trailer crane still reaches a range of 23 meters. But not only the performance plays an important role, as well the driving characteristics are decisive. The latter and an optimal soil load distribution are ensured by an innovative tandem chassis. The AHK 36/2400 can be used even on a limited area because due to the Multiflex outriggers the machine footprint is small and it is really maneuverable. Floor unevennesses and barriers do not pose any problems to the swiveling and folding outriggers. The outriggers can be comfortably controlled via the remote control with double display and are equipped with an automatic auto-leveling. 

Our newest innovation is an adaptation of our strongest trailer crane: The RK 36/2400 is the top model on a crawler chassis. It generally provides the same specifications as the trailer crane AHK 36/2400. However, the compact crawler unit ensures unique traction and grip, as well as uniform distribution of pressure on any surface. Even on gravel, sand or wet soft lawns it easily manages payloads of up to 2,400 kg.