Second Böcker truck crane for Aland Bedachungen

In March, the vehicle and machine fleet of the roofing company Aland got an energetic reinforcement

With the truck crane AK 46/6000, the company from Arnsberg received its second Böcker aluminium-steel truck crane. Since the end of 2019, Aland has already been using the AK 37/4000, an extremely compact truck-mounted crane with a permissible total weight of only 7.49 t.

The new AK 46/6000 crane is mounted on a 26 t truck and presents a powerful combination of performance, reach and efficiency. Equipped with a fully hydraulically extendable jib, it offers payloads of up to 6 t and extension lengths of up to 44 m. With a reach of 39.30 m with a 250 kg load or 26 m with a 1,000 kg load, the newcomer opens a very large, circular working area and easily reaches the rear of roofs and buildings. In addition to impressive performance data, the AK 46/6000 impresses with its high manoeuvrability and excellent driving characteristics in everyday construction site use. Thanks to its comparatively low dead weight and compact design the truck crane is particularly manoeuvrable. Thus, it can be optimally set up and used for all roofing and facades works even on the narrowest construction sites.

With its modern BICS (Böcker Intelligent Computer Based Safety) control and a comfortable operation via colour radio control, the AK 46/6000 offers maximum safety and comfort. During setup, constantly updating reach dials on the graphic display allow an optimal positioning of the crane regarding the place of operation. The fully variable extension of the outriggers permits extremely flexible positioning. The auto-levelling function ensures fast and safe crane setup. During operation, several crane functions can be controlled simultaneously via the radio remote control. Another advantage of the new crane is the camera technology at the top of the mast, which transmits its image live to the display of the radio control. The crane operator has an optimal view of the working area at all times, even on the ground, and can operate the crane safely.

A special feature of both Böcker cranes in the Aland fleet is their digital connection to the online portal BöckerConnect. Here, owner Hermann Aland can access all data of his cranes in real time and gets an overview of their current status. In addition, he can evaluate statistics on the usage behaviour of the equipment, such as the exact operating times. The portal also provides information on the current location of the cranes. If a crane leaves the previously defined radius of action, Aland receives a theft message configured by him. Furthermore, it is possible to track the exact routes of the cranes online. Continuously transmitted diagnostic data and sensor values as well as the stored service history enable a differentiated remote maintenance by the Böcker customer service.

Owner Hermann Aland and his daughter Andrea Aland welcome the new truck-mounted crane: "With our second Böcker crane we get another strong helper for our construction projects in the Arnsberg region and beyond. The cranes are quickly set up on site, easy and safe to operate and facilitate our daily work enormously with their large reach. This allows us to work extremely efficiently on every construction site."

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Strong new addition for Aland Bedachungen: the AK 46/6000 truck-mounted crane lifts payloads up to 6 t