BATIMAT in Paris | 03. - 06. October 2022

The BATIMAT is a leading international trade fair for the construction industry. Decision-makers and experts come together to inform and exchange about innovative solutions for existing and future construction projects. Come to Paris and learn more about the Böcker crane and lifting technology for the building trade!

We will be presenting market innovations in the field of sustainability:

With its electric engine and state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery technology, the Junior 24e inclined lift transports loads of up to 250 kg not only at a very low noise and emission level, but also in an extremely environmentally friendly manner to heights of up to 24 meters. Without an external power supply, the battery-powered inclined lift reliably transports any materials at a high speed. Thanks to the innovative parallel operation, the battery can also be charged during operation allowing the operation of the lift to be continued during the charging process.

The new Junior 24e uses state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery technology in combination with an 8 kW electric motor. After just one hour, the accumulator is 80 % charged via the flexible connection on the chassis and the lift can be used again even without a power connection. Thanks to the innovative parallel operation, the battery can also be charged during operation allowing the operation of the lift to be continued during the charging process. A display on the lift provides information on the battery charge level and the operating status of the device at any time.


The AHK 36 is the most powerful trailer crane of its class. Thanks to its' sophisticated boom this crane reliably reaches heights up to 36 m. Having a vehicle weight of only 3.5 t, this machine lifts loads up to 2.4 t. The ultra-modern Böcker mast technology is the foundation for this outstanding performance data. This Böcker technology combines classical aluminium components with a new high-strength steel which is lightweight and strong at the same time. Therefore, the AHK 36 clearly outperforms all other comparable cranes.

The version of the AHK 36 equipped with a petrol engine will work even quieter in future, with improved insulation reducing noise emissions by seven decibels compared to the predecessor model. The AHK 36 is mounted on a tandem chassis ensuring a safe driving behaviour and an optimal distribution of floor load. Another important innovation is the Fall Protection Mode. In this new operating mode, the trailer crane can now be used to protect people from falling when working at height, e.g. during repairs on the roof. A safety device is suspended from the load hook of the crane, which connects the person to the crane via a wire rope within a certain radius of action.

Beside its strong performance, the AHK 36 clearly stands out by its tremendous versatility. The Multiflex outriggers can be set up in 256 different positions using auto-levelling and therefore assuring maximum utilisation of the available space on site. The foldable swivelling outriggers ensure an optimal positioning of the machine in the direction of the load. Furthermore they can easily be swivelled around any barriers. At the same time it is possible to balance out height differences up to 50 cm without the need of an additional sub-structure. No other support system in the field of trailer cranes provides comparable opportunities.


We are looking forward to seeing you!

03. - 06. October 2022
Paris Porte de Versailles |Pavillon 4 D92 | France


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