Technical dataPHCPHPHC-HIUNI-Lift PHC 1000 EUIXO-LiftAccessories
Working height max. (m)6,50 - 12,0012,756,57 - 10,8010,503,97
  • Protective hoods
  • Toolboxes
  • Current supply
  • Special wheels
Payload (kg)135 - 140115140140150
Dead weight (kg)256 - 356385650 - 814218140 - 239
Application areainside, outsideinside, outsideinsideinsideinside, outside

All ALP-Personnel-Lifts at a glance


Technical data
Working height max.6.57 - 10.80 m
Payload 140 kg
Dead weight650 - 814 kg
Application areainside



Technical Data
Working height max.6.50 - 12.00 m
Payload135 - 140 kg
Dead weight256 - 356 kg
Application areainside, outside



Technical data
Working height max.12.75 - 14.00 m
Payload115 - 135 kg
Dead weight385 - 433 kg
Application areainside, outside


UNI-Lift PHC 1000 EU

Technical Data
Working height max.10.50 m
Payload140 kg
Dead weight218 kg
Application areainside



Technical data
Working height3.97 m
Payload150 kg
Dead weight140 - 239 kg
Application areainside, outside



ALP-Lift accessory
Protective hoods
Current supply
Special wheels


ALP-Personnel-Lift models – Made for safety in great heights

When working heights the use of ladders can quickly become a danger but installations, repairs, cleaning or maintenance work often require great heights. Statistically speaking, ladder accidents are most common type of falling accidents. To avoid danger and to play it safe, simply rely on our ALP-Personnel-Lift models.

Like every lift from Böcker, our personnel lift models save space, are efficient and durable. Due to their aluminium construction the lifts also have a low dead weight. This allows easy transport and assembly. Depending on the series our personnel lift models lift up to 140 kg so tools and equipment can be transported additionally. Furthermore they can be used as working platforms too. ALP-Personnel-Lifts assist you carrying out the work safely and in a time-saving-manner.


The right ALP-Lift for every application

No matter if outside or inside, in corridors or lecture halls – there is a suitable lift from Böcker for every situation. Our product range consists of three different series. Each of the three passenger lifts is designed for a different purpose. For operations at great heights of up to 14 m, we recommend a PH type passenger lift – the most powerful lift in its class. PH lifts have a dead weight of about 430 kg and are perfectly suited for indoor and outdoor use with a payload of up to 115 kg.

The lifts of the PHC series are somewhat lighter and more flexible: With a dead weight of 258 kg they reach a maximum extension height of twelve metres. The series is also suitable for indoor and outdoor use. PHC elevators lift up to 140 kg. The PH and PHC lifts, for example, are often used as sports hall lifts or gym lifts and spare you the complicated use of large working platforms or scissor platforms.

The third lift is only suitable for indoor use on flat surfaces, but offers great space savings: The PHC-HI series. This space-saving ALP-Personnel-Lift is perfect for work in staggered rooms in industrial businesses such as warehouses. The integrated lift truck makes it possible to quickly and easily transport the personnel lift to the desired location. Due to the small construction width of just 79 cm and a compact construction height of only 1.98 m, the PHC-HI can manoeuvre between the smallest production routes.

The space-saving ALP-Personnel-Lift PHC 1000 EU is perfect for work carried out in stepped rooms and it can also be easily used between rows of seats and chairs. Used in auditoriums, cinemas or theatres with a maximum working height of 10.50 m, a loading capacity of 140 kg and a tare weight of 215 kg, it is the perfect solution for ceiling or wall work.


Böcker – height access technology made in Germany

We have many years of experience in height access technology and have been producing lifts, elevators and cranes at our company headquarters and production site in Werne, Germany since 1958. As a Böcker customer, you also benefit from our international service in branches all over Europe. Böcker provides on-site service, supplies you with spare parts and also guarantees high-quality maintenance and repair.

If required we will happily train your staff in the correct use of our ALP-Personnel-Lift models. If you are interested, please contact us and a member of our sales team we will tailor a non-binding offer to suit your requirements.