ALP-Personnel-Lift PHC-HI

Practical with integrated forklift and without supports

Maximum performance in the narrowest spaces

The Böcker ALP-Lifts of the PHC-HI series are assembled on an integrated lift truck and so they provide customers with two crucial advantages. All models can be conveniently positioned and moved on-site without too much effort. Furthermore the PHC-HI series requires only minimum space because no additional outriggers have to be mounted. Having a required space which does not exceed 0.79 m x 1.61 m, these ALP-lifts offer maximum performance on minimum space.

The PHC-HI is available in three different versions with working heights from 6.57 to 10.80 m. The maximum payload of 140 kg allows workers to carry necessary tools or material respectively with them in the work basket. The PHC-HI Lifts are made of sturdy aluminium components and have a galvanized chassis. Like any other ALP-Personnel-Lift they impress by stability and particularly high durability.

This series has been designed exclusively for indoor operation. All models comply with the current safety regulations for the transport of personnel and bear the CE sign.

Made in Germany

Of course all ALP-Personnel-Lifts have been designed as products Made in Germany in accordance with the current safety rules and regulations. Furthermore they all bear the CE sign.  

Accident cause no. 1: Working on ladders

Every year, the business economy records approx. 26.000 accidents with ladders. About 50 % of all fall accidents are ladder accidents. These accidents cause serious injuries. Approx. 20 deaths could be rooted to ladder accidents.   

Ladder accidents = the number 1 of fall accidents!

Take the safe way and count on the ALP-Personnel-Lifts from Böcker.

ModelPHC-HI 650PHC-HI 800PHC-HI 940PHC-HI 1100
Working height (m)6,608,009,4010,80
Height of platform (m)4,606,007,408,80
Payload (kg)140140140140
Construction height(m)1,951,951,951,95
Width (m)0,79 0,790,790,89
Length (m)1,611,611,611,67
Wall distance (cm)0000
Telescoping speed (sec)28262126
Dead weight (kg)646672720826


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  • Integrated forklift: Fast and flexibel at the applicaton site  
  • Comfort: Agile and easy to maneuvered, therefore usable everywhere
  • Versatility: Almost unlimited appliction in the internal area as well as in the externa area
  • Service: Complete service throughout Germany even after buying
  • Guaranty: Maintenance contrcts including all necesary tests and warranty extensions up to five years
  • Quality: Made in Germany, exclusie use of matric material