ALP-Personnel-Lift UNI-Lift PHC 1000 EU

The best solution for movie theatres, theatres, auditorials, etc.

The product code PHC 1000 EU stands for the big UNI-Lift of Böcker ALP-Lifts. The UNI-Lift has been particularly designed for the big scene and can be considered as the most convenient possibility to reach the ceiling of movie theatres, theatres or audtoriums in no time. Assembly or replacement of lighting and smoke detectors become as easy as any other replacement or maintenance works on the ceiling. The Böcker UNI-Lift is ready for use within 10 minutes whereas the assembly of an ordinary scaffold usually takes half a day. No other lift is able to provide customers with this unbeatable efficiency.

Thanks to its specific arms it can be conveniently assembled between two rows of seats. Beside operation in movie theatres, the UNI-Lift is equally suitable for big auditoriums of universities. It is the best choice even for the most challenging circumstances e.g. when working directly on a wall or on inclined surfaces. Equipped with adapter units the UNI-Lift can also be used as a convenitional personal lift.

Made in Germany

Of course all ALP-Personnel-Lifts have been designed as products Made in Germany in accordance with the current safety rules and regulations. Furthermore they all bear the CE sign.  

Accident cause no. 1: Working on ladders

Every year, the business economy records approx. 26.000 accidents with ladders. About 50 % of all fall accidents are ladder accidents. These accidents cause serious injuries. Approx. 20 deaths could be rooted to ladder accidents.   

Ladder accidents = the number 1 of fall accidents!

Take the safe way and count on the ALP-Personnel-Lifts from Böcker.

Modell PHC 1000 EUPHC 1000 EU with extension
Working height (m)10,50 10,50
Platform height (m)8,50 8,50
Payload (kg)140 140
Contruction height (m)2,032,03
Width (m)0,41 0,71
Length (m)0,59 1,15
Distance from wall (cm)45 40
Extension speed (sec)26 26
Dead weight without attachments (kg)218277

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  • Variable: Flexible support for optimale adaptation to local conditions 
  • Compact: Base unit fits perfectly between almost all seating rows
  • Efficiency: The lightweight construction in aluminium ensures a low dead weight and a high payload
  • Rapidity:  Due to short assembly times, the lift is safely and quickly ready for use
  • Comfort: Agile and easy to maneuvered, therefore, useable everywhere
  • Versatility: Almost unlimited application, in the internal area as well as the external area
  • Service: Complete service throughout Germany even after buying
  • Guaranty: Maintenance contracts including all necessary tests and warranty extensions up to five years  
  • Quality: Made in Germany, exclusive use of matrical material