ALP-Material-Lift LMC S4

The compact one

The compact material lift

The ALP Lift LMC series can be considered as the compact alternatives to the well-known LM series. Due to a space-saving building height between 1.55 and 1.92 m and a transport width of 0.76 m only, all models easily fit through almost any door and can be brought quickly and directly to the site where they are needed. Furthermore these lifts can be transported in space-saving, horizontal position. Even in operation only minimum space is required so that the lifts operate optimally even under extremely narrow and challenging conditions. At the same time, the LMC series impresses by strong performance. Lifting heights varying from 2.73 m to 6.22 m and payloads of 250 kg do not require any noticeable sacrifice. Operating the LMC lifts is convenient and particularly user-friendly. The load fork can be lifted precisely up to the desired height by the robust hand winch. Depending on the model and the area of application customers can chose between several types of winches.

Made in Germany

Of course, we are particularly emphasizing the safety. The models meet the safety requirements, they were made in Germany and bear the CE sign.

ModelLMC 280 S4LMC  335 S4LMC 395 S4 LMC 480 S4 LMC 510 S4*LMC 620 S4*LMC 625 S4*
Lifting height (m)2,783,363,944,795,096,236,25
Load-bearing capacity (kg)250250250250250250250
Construction height (m)1,611,901,611,901,611,901,61
Transport width (m)0,76 0,760,760,760,760,760,76
Transport length (m)0,730,730,760,750,810,800,86
Dead weight (kg)112116127135137149159

Permitted loads on a sliding scale:

ModellLMC 280 S4LMC  335 S4LMC 395 S4 LMC 480 S4 LMC 510 S4*LMC 620 S4*LMC 625 S4*
Carriage330 kg / 1,65 m 330 kg / 1,93 m330 kg / 1,65 m 330 kg / 1,93 m 330 kg / 1,65 m330 kg / 1,93 m330 kg / 1,65 m
Rail 3250 kg / 2,80 m330 kg / 3,35 m290 kg / 2,80 m 290 kg / 3,35 m 300 kg / 2,80 m300 kg / 3,35 m310 kg / 2,80 m
Rail 2 3/3       290 kg / 3,95 m
Rail 2 2/3     275 kg / 3,95 m275 kg / 4,80 m270 kg / 5,07 m
Rail 2 1/3   250 kg / 3,95 m250 kg / 4,80 m250 kg / 6,20 m250 kg / 6,20 m250 kg / 6,25 m

We reserve the right to make changes to the design, weight and dimensions of equipments. All dimensions are approximate.                    

* Extended outriggers are a standard feature

  • Efficiency: Aluminium lightweight construction offers low dead weight and at the same time high payload
  • Speed: Quickly operational thanks to a very short assembly time
  • Comfort: Easy to manouver and suitable also for confined spaces
  • Versatility: Nearly unlimited number of areas of application - indoors and outdoors
  • Quality: Made in Germany by professional German engineers