ALP-Material-Lift LMJ

The light all-rounder

Compact, handy, fits anywhere

The ALP-Lift LMJ can be considered the “Junior” among the Böcker material lifts. Thanks to compact dimensions and a low dead weight these machines are universally applicable. The compact LMJ fits around any corner even in narrow stairways. The dead weight of only 55 kg enables a single person to move this lift without any problem to the required place, even across stairs.

Thanks to their short outriggers, the ALP Lifts type LMJ require a working distance to the wall of only 15 cm. Therefore they are the ideal machines for the assembly of awnings. But also when air-conditionings or ventilation systems have to be mounted in the right place there is hardly any better lift. The LMJ has a maximum lifting height of 3.90 m and lifts loads up to 120 kg.

Beside its extremely compact design, the LMJ 390 is equally characterized by the outstanding workmanship and surpassing durability of Böcker ALP Lifts. This machine complies with the latest security standards and bears the CE sign.


Made in Germany

Safety plays a particularly important role with the LMX - Models. For a secure stand of the LMX - Models they are fitted with lateral outriggers. As all other ALP Lifts, the LMX - Models carry the CE Mark and meet the latest standards and safety regulations.

ModelLMJ 390 
Lifting height (m)3,89 
Load-bearing capacity (kg)120
Construction height (m)1,65
Transport width (m)0,69 
Transport length (m)0,63
Dead weight (kg)55

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  • Efficiency: Aluminium lightweight construction offers low dead weight and at the same time high payload
  • Speed and flexibility: Quickly operational thanks to a very short assembly time
  • Comfort: Easy to manouver and suitable also for confined spaces
  • Versatility: Nearly unlimited number of areas of application - indoors and outdoors
  • Quality: Made in Germany by professional German engineers