ALP-Material-Lift LMX W

The flexible one

The LMX W - the special model with alternating chassis

Particularly for assembly works directly on the wall or working in front of barriers Böcker offers its well proven ALP-Lifts also as type LMX W. These special models are characterised by their alternating chassis. Thanks to shorter outriggers , these lifts are ideal machines for operations directly to walls.

The strongest model of this series is the ALP-Lift LMX 500 W. This lift is the perfect machine for challenging assemblies thanks to its maximum capacity of 500 kg. Fixed counter weights ensure working with the maximum capacity in virtually any situation.

Made in Germany

Safety plays a particularly important role with the LMX W models. For a secure stand of the lifts they are fitted with lateral outriggers. As all other ALP-Lifts, the LMX W models carry the CE Mark and meet the latest standards and safety regulations.

Modell LMX 500 W 
Lifting height (m) 4,80 
Load-bearing capacity (kg) 500 
Construction height (m) 1,98 
Transport width (m) 0,76 
Transport length (m) 0,95 
Dead weight (kg) 253 
Ballast weight (kg) 200 

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  • Alternating chassis: Facilitates assembly works directly on the wall or working in front of barriers
  • Efficiency: Aluminium lightweight construction offers low dead weight and at the same time high payload
  • Speed and flexibility: Quickly operational thanks to a very short assembly time
  • Comfort: Easy to manouver and suitable also for confined spaces
  • Versatility: Nearly unlimited number of areas of application - indoors and outdoors
  • Quality: Made in Germany by professional German engineers