Accessory Access platform PK 350-D

Max. 3 persons and max. 350 kg load capacity

It measures 230 x 98 cm and can be rotated 180 degrees (90 degrees to each side; AK 52 440 degrees, 220 degrees to each side). When being used in platform mode, the AK 46/6000 achieves a maximum working height of 40 m. Lifting the maximum payload of 350 kg, the machine still has a maximum reach of 28 m. 100 kg can be lifted to a radius of 33 m and a height of 15 m. Thanks to the Easy-Lock-System the truck crane can be converted into a fully-fledged working platform within a few minutes. The PK 350-D is, of course, also available for the AK 52.

Suitable crane models: AK 46/6000, AK 52

Access platform PK 350-D

Max. load capacity350 kg (3 people) 
Max. payload110 kg
Power supply in basket230 V*
Angle of rotation+/- 90 (AK 52 +/- 220) degree
Length2,3 m
Width0,98 m
Height1,25 m

* autonomous power supply optionally available
Subject to technical changes. Dimensions may vary slightly.