Accessory Tipper Basket

Leightweight and efficient

For crane operation, Böcker offers aluminium tipper baskets which work perfectly for any kind of bulk material. Those baskets have been particularly designed for the refurbishment of flat roofs but also flats. Like any other aluminium component, they are characterised by low dead weights and extreme durability. The tipper basket can be discharged by swivelling the carrying strap. The specific mechanism simplifies the process so that the assistance of a second person is not implicitly necessary.

The tipper basket is available in three versions. The KM 500/315 has a total payload of 500 kg and a capacity of 315 litres whereas the KM 1000/625 offers 1,000 kg payload and 625 litres capacity. The KM 1000/1000has a total payload of 1,000 kg and a capacity of 1,000 litres.

ModelKM 500/315 KM 1000/1000KM 1000/1000
Load bearing capacity 500 kg1,000 kg1,000 kg
Volume315 l625 l1,000 kg
Dead weight45 kg70.5 kg90 kg

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